BLOG: Electric Vehicle Hub Way Forward

On Friday I visited the electric vehicle (EV) hub in Dundee in my role as Shadow Minister for Climate Justice and Green Jobs. The hub is one of the first charging hubs in the country to combine EV charging with on-site storage and generation.

It’s great to see innovation taking place at a local level. Centrica Business Solutions designed and built the EV hub, introducing fast and rapid charging, powered by solar power generation and on-site battery storage.

Over the last 12 months there have been more than 24,000 charging sessions at the site, saving approximately 256 tons of CO2.

The solar energy produced would power a car to go to the moon and back 2.5 times!

This is a great example of technology enabling change. One of the biggest barriers to EV adoption is infrastructure, this project proves that the appetite is there if that infrastructure is put in place.

With Scotland set to host COP26 next year, it’s great to see the transformative technologies that can help deliver net zero already at work in Dundee.

We need to kickstart a Green Industrial Revolution in the UK, which includes taking action now, transforming our public services to be greener and more efficient. Labour has committed to investing £3.6 billion to roll out EV charging stations to every city, town and village, as well as along our motorways.