Fairer Funding for Midlothian

A number of constituents have been in touch with me regarding the proposed Council cuts, including that musical instrument tuition is to be cut in Midlothian schools.

My View

I firmly believe every child should have the opportunity to learn an instrument. I have campaigned against this exact cut in the past.

It is awful to see these difficult decisions being considered due to Scottish Government cuts to our Council.

The Facts

Sadly, the Council are having to find millions of extra pounds to balance their budget. This potentially could include cuts to education, leisure, and services that support our most vulnerable.

Scottish Councils are facing £230million worth of real terms cuts to lifeline council services.

What I’m Doing

I have been campaigning with trade union Unison, demanding that Midlothian gets fairer funding – you can read more here. Midlothian is one of the fastest growing local authorities in Scotland, yet the financial settlement does not reflect this important fact.

I have written to the Scottish Government Finance Minister Derek Mackay – as well as Midlothian SNP MSP’s Colin Beattie and Christine Grahame – urging them to use their power to give Midlothian Council a fairer funding deal so that these cuts can be avoided.

What You Can Do

There are two important things you can do:

  • I encourage you to write to your MSPs asking that they stand up for Midlothian and ask for a fairer deal. Both constituency MSPs in Midlothian are SNP – they should ask the SNP Finance Minister to look again at the settlement given to Midlothian.
  • Sign UNISON’s petition here to show the strength of feeling here in Midlothian.


Danielle Rowley MP