– Universal Credit Split Payments

By default, households receive Universal Credit in one payment, into one bank account – usually one belonging to a male partner.

The consequences of that misplaced assumption of equality in 2018 can be horrendous, especially for women trapped in abusive relationships.

Refuge frontline staff have encountered many cases where the perpetrator has had a Universal Credit payment paid into their bank account, then used that money as a tool for coercive control.

This includes women being given strict allowances, at times resulting in them forgoing food and basic necessities in order to prioritise feeding their children.

I have campaigned tirelessly to change this.

Actions I have taken include:

  • Discussed split payments with local organisations at constituency roundtable on UC
  • Raised need for automatic split payments at meeting with Minister for Employment
  • Asked written questions on split payments
  • Asked Leader of the House about automatic split payments at Business Questions
  • Held Westminster Hall debate on Universal Credit split payments
  • Opposition Day debate – highlighted UC split payments
  • Asked a PMQ (Prime Minister’s Questions) on automatic split payments

 I will continue to hold the Government to account on this issue.