BLOG: First Six Months as MP for Midlothian

by Danielle Rowley MP
I’m honoured to be the MP for Midlothian. I was elected six months ago, and what a busy six-months it has been! 
I have enjoyed working closely with fantastic groups and communities across Midlothian. From our libraries, community centres and Tesco Dalkeith where I hold my surgeries, to charities, groups, businesses and our retired mining community – thank you for taking the time to talk to me about your achievements and challenges. I look forward to working with you all over the next six months and beyond. 
My team and I have dealt with 316 pieces of casework, helping people with issues from housing to pensions. The office is always open to any constituent, with any problem. Constituents can also contact me for advice by phone, email or by messaging my Facebook page. 
In Parliament, I have continuously challenged the government by speaking up on issues important to people in Midlothian such as workers’ pay, Universal Credit and the economy. 
I’ve held regular surgeries that have been well attended – thank you for coming to see me if you’ve been along. I’ve been all around the Midlothian, meeting constituents and visiting local community groups, charities, retirement homes and schools. 
I’m passionate about being a hard-working campaigning MP. I have campaigned on Universal Credit, public sector cuts, WASPI women, internet speeds – and when others won’t, I have campaigned on devolved matters such as the current ongoing GP crisis in Midlothian. Most recently I have campaigned against the closure of RBS branches in Midlothian. 
Thank you for electing me as your MP – the first woman MP for Midlothian. It has been a pleasure to serve you over the past six months, and I am looking forward to continuing to be a strong, local voice for my constituency.
If you have an issue you would like to raise, please do not hesitate to contact me: that’s what i’m here for.