Gender Inequality Impacts on Everyone

Recently I attended the unveiling of the amazing Millicent Fawcett statue by Gillian Wearing – the first statue of a woman, and by a woman artist in Parliament Square.

I was proud to see this statue being unveiled, making history. However, I am very conscious that the effects of our current government such as austerity, low wages and rising costs of childcare all affect women most and make women’s lives harder.

As the first woman elected to represent Midlothian, I will do all I can as your MP to make things more equal. Because gender inequality has a huge effect on women, men and whole families.

That is why I’m organising a women’s conference in Midlothian this month, to look at what barriers women face, what is holding us back, and to celebrate the amazing things that women are doing in our community.

The event is on 19 May at Edinburgh College Dalkeith, starting at 10am. It is open to all, free of charge and there will be free childcare. For more information, please visit

I want to do everything in my power to fight for Midlothian and its residents, and like Millicent Fawcett, I won’t stop fighting. I intend to hold more public meetings on issues affecting you. I recently organised a round table discussion on Universal Credit, drawing together evidence from a range of experts, which I will be presenting to Alok Sharma, Minister of State for Employment. I thank everyone who attended the discussion for their invaluable input.