Government Refuses to Hand Over Universal Credit Script

Danielle Rowley MP has blasted the Tory government for refusing to hand over the scripts they use for the Universal Credit helpline.

Ms. Rowley submitted a freedom of information request, only to be told me there are no “scripts” just “helpful lines” and “guides”.

Danielle Rowley MP said:

“It’s ironic that in asking the DWP to reveal the deflection tactics they have been accused of using against Universal Credit claimants, the DWP resorted to exactly those sort of deflection tactics with me.

“The reports these scripts are being used were deeply troubling and, if true, confirm my worst suspicions about the true motives behind the rollout of Universal Credit.

“This system, with its stated aim of making work pay, is little more than a disgraceful attempt to target those who have the least and make sure they have even less in the future.

“With the recently departed Secretary of State having had to apologise to the House for misleading it on multiple occasions, and with the opportunity to begin with a clean slate, I urge Amber Rudd to lance this boil without delay before her own tenure is tainted in a similar way to her predecessor Esther McVey’s.”