MP, MSP and Councillors meet to promote the campaign against fixed odds betting terminals – Local Elected Members Cllr C Cassidy (SNP), Cllr M Russell (LAB), C Beattie MSP (SNP), Danielle Rowley MP (LAB) and Cllr S Curran (LAB)

In a show of cross party unity on this important issue local MSP, Colin Beattie, MP, Danielle Rowley and the three ward Councillors for Ward 3 Dalkeith have joined together to campaign against the use of Fixed Odds Betting Terminals in Midlothian.

The cross party group has called on the UK government to take tougher action to tackle the scourge of Fixed-Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) in our local communities – after figures from the Campaign for Fairer Gambling revealed that over £7 million had been lost on the gambling machines since 2008 across Midlothian.

Over £1 billion has been lost on the machines, known as the ‘crack cocaine of gambling’, since 2008 across Scotland – with £1 million lost in Midlothian in 2015/16 alone. Colin Beattie MSP stated “We need to end FOBT’s or at the very least cap the amount which can be bet at a nominal sum. FOBT’s have brought financial misery to many and action needs to be taken now to control their use”.

Danielle Rowley MP said, “I recognise the addictive and harmful nature of FOBT’s and a Labour government would reduce the maximum stake on FOBT’s from £100 to £2 and legislate to increase the delay between spins to reduce the addictive nature of the games. I urge the Government to act now to protect our communities from financial and emotional harm.”