Midlothian Poverty and Austerity Event with Richard Leonard MSP

Voluntary and community organisations across Midlothian came together to talk to Danielle Rowley MP and Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard about the impact of poverty and austerity on communities across the area.

Over twenty organisations including those working with carers, elderly people, disabled people, those seeking employment and people living in poverty attended and talked to Ms Rowley and Mr Leonard about their work and the need for a new approach to help tackle the deep-rooted inequalities in society.

Danielle Rowley MP said: “Theresa May said just last year that austerity is over.  I wish she was sat beside me listening to carers, foodbanks, churches, disability groups and one parent families. 

“Five minutes with them and Mrs May would know that austerity is not over – it is affecting millions of people across the country each and every day.”

Richard Leonard MSP said: “The Labour Party is rooted in ordinary communities – and our policies are shaped from the real life experiences of those communities.   

“These discussions were very informative and worthwhile – Scottish Labour’s manifesto for the next election will be written for, and by, those that need a Labour Government the most. “