Midlothian pulls together

Midlothian was badly affected by the recent spell of bad weather, with many people being forced to take time off work, school closures across the county, cars and deliveries unable to get onto our roads and people trapped in their homes.

I was stranded in London for the weekend, with flight and train cancellations. However, I was kept from being homesick by reading lovely stories of neighbours helping each other and communities pulling together – such as the kind man who drove to Cameron Toll to buy ten loaves of bread for residents in Newbyers Care Home, or the parents who volunteered to clear playgrounds and school access routes, and those who checked in on elderly and vulnerable neighbours. I know what a big impact these small gestures have, and want to thank everyone who went above and beyond during the bad weather.

I also want to thank those working in our public services for keeping us safe during the bad weather chaos. From our Emergency Services to Council staff, it is comforting to know that when we have dangerous weather conditions there are dedicated and skilled staff willing to go the extra mile to keep us safe.

However, I recognise that a thank you rings hollow when these very services are facing cuts. It is a sad fact that those very workers who battled the elements to keep us safe have had to endure year after year of their pay being capped. If our Government’s are truly thankful, as I am, I urge them to end austerity, and ensure all workers receive a fair wage for their work and our services are fully funded.

I am enormously proud of everyone’s efforts to keep Midlothian moving and our people safe.