Midlothian ranked among the lowest in the UK for download speeds

Stats published by the House of Commons Library last week reveal that Midlothian ranks among the lowest in the UK for average download speeds and is placed 612th out of 650.

Only a few miles away in the neighbouring constituency of Edinburgh South, constituents are enjoying average download speeds of 63.0 Mpbs, compared to 23.9 Mpbs in Midlothian. Despite increased development in Midlothian full fibre, which offers very high speeds, it is only available to 0.1% of households.

Figures have also been published for each Council Ward, showing that average speeds are highest in Midlothian South Ward (26.1 Mbps), and lowest in Midlothian West Ward (19.8 Mbps).

Commenting on the figures Danielle Rowley MP said: “These figures are not a surprise to me as I have been contacted by a number of constituents in relation to broadband issues.

“What does surprise me is the scale of the issue. Almost nowhere in Midlothian has access to reliable broadband, and that is reflected by the fact that Midlothian sits in 612th place out of 650 constituencies in the UK.

“The Scottish Government boast on the front page of the Digital Scotland website that they are working with partners to extend high speed fibre to around 95% of Scotland by March 2018.

“Well, March 2018 is next month and I want to see urgent action taken to ensure Midlothian is serviced by fast reliable broadband.”