Book Competition Winner Announced

Danielle Rowley MP announced the winner of her summer book competition is 10 year-old Charlie-Kate.

Ms Rowley invited children across Midlothian to write 100 words about their favourite place to celebrate Tesco Bank’s Mischief Makers Reading Challenge.

Here’s Charlie-Kate’s winning entry:

“My favourite place to go is the Edinburgh Dungeons. It is lots of fun and you also learn a lot about historical events. You can see Doctor Knox, Sawney Bean, Brave heart and lot’s more!

“My favourite event is the Sawney Bean cannibal story because you can go on a boat ride and meet Sawney Bean’s scary children.

“I would recommend going there to all my friends and family because you learn a lot and as historical as it is, it’s very scary. There is a lot of jump scares, spooky music and lots to see!”

Danielle Rowley MP said: “I liked Charlie-Kate’s story because of her excellent descriptive words, tying in history and the spookyness of the dungeons. I loved visiting the dungeons when I was young too (and still do!) Charlie-Kate loves writing and reading so I hope she enjoys these two books.Well done Charlie-Kate!”