Rowley Blasts Scottish Secretary for Ignoring Foodbank Questions

Danielle Rowley MP blasted the Tory Secretary of State for Scotland for ignoring her question on the worrying increase in families relying on food banks.

Ms. Rowley put the question to David Mundell MP during Scottish Questions today. In his response, Mr Mundell failed to address the issues Ms. Rowley had raised, choosing instead to talk about moving “the political debate in Scotland in Scotland off the constitution”.  The constitution was not mentioned in Rowley’s question.

Danielle Rowley MP said:

“The Secretary of State completely ignored my question, and instead banged on about constitutional arguments.

“The rise in people in my constituency relying on foodbanks to feed themselves and their families is a total disgrace. They deserve answers from Mr. Mundell.

“He is simply not using his position to represent people in Scotland, but instead plays on grievances around the constitution.

“We deserve better.”


WATCH the question and answer below: