Rowley Challenges Govt to Stop Climate Change

Danielle Rowley MP has challenged the UK Government to do everything in its power to stop climate change.

Ms. Rowley today (15th February 2019) asked what the government’s response was to a long term forecast by the MET office that showed that global warming could reach 1.5 degrees, the aimed limit of the Paris Agreement, in just five years.

Danielle Rowley MP said:

“The Minister’s response was wholly unsatisfactory.

“On renewable energy alone, this Government is pushing an already struggling solar industry off a cliff edge, with the Solar Trade Association reporting that new deployment of solar has fallen 90% since 2016.

“It is failing to properly support emerging wave and tidal technologies, needed to bring them to market and make them cost-effective.

“The government is also effectively banning onshore wind, with planning applications for new developments plummeting by 94% since the introduction of new policies for their construction in 2015.

“More can and must be done to protect our planet and stop global warming.”

Watch the full video on Danielle Rowley MP’s facebook page here.