BLOG: Justice at Last for Miners?

July 2018

It is fantastic to finally see progress being made in the long hard-fought campaign to bring justice for those that suffered during the miners’ strike.
I’m proud to come from a mining family, and to represent an area that is steeped in mining history. I am pleased that the Scottish Government have announced a review of policing practices during the Miners’ Strike. The tireless work of community activists, MSPs such as Neil Findlay (pictured) and campaigners spanning three decades must be recognised as a driving force behind this development.

Communities like Midlothian were left devastated by the closure of the mines, and this led to terrible scenes on the picket lines. This had tragic consequences for families as the striking miners were arrested and beaten. Many are still left with convictions today, something they have carried with them for the remainder of their working lives. However, now that the ball has finally started rolling, the process of clearing the names of hard-working Scots can begin.

Last week I attended the Durham Miners Gala – one of the biggest Trade Union meet-ups of the year. It was wonderful to hear so many fantastic speakers, but most importantly it was inspiring to meet with the working people that continue to fight to improve our country.

It is crucial that as we fight to right the wrongs of the past, we work towards a bright future. The next Labour Government will end austerity and get a new deal for working people. The greatest justice that we can bring to the miners is the assurance that their grandchildren won’t have to suffer as they did.

From celebrating trade unionism at the Durham Gala to presenting a manifesto for working people to campaigning for justice to be done, Labour will strive to better the lives of the many, not the few.