Scottish Tory Brexit posturing exposed by David Davis

After last night’s Commons defeat on the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill Amendment 7 , Brexit Minister David Davis was quizzed in the Commons today by Danielle Rowley MP (Midlothian) about what representations Scottish Conservatives had made to him ahead of that vote. His answer was that they had not made a single one.

Ms Rowley said: “Despite crowing about their supposed influence on this feeble Government, the Scottish Tories are clearly kidding themselves about their clout.

“Mr Davis says they failed to intervene at all. What is certain is that even if they did speak up they were not listened to.

“Last night not one of them was prepared to assert the sovereignty of Parliament over the final Brexit deal by supporting Amendment 7.

“David Davis inadvertently exposed their empty posturing. This is no time for games. It is time for the Scottish Tories to get real or get out of the way.”